Community Outreach

Feeding People In Our Community 

On January 23, 2021, we just fed a family of 7 for a week!

Our church partnered with a school in a certain part of our city to feed a family who needed a week’s worth of groceries.  They were glad to receive the food.  We rejoiced at the fact that we could serve Jesus in our community.  

Here are some pictures of the delivery of the food on Jan. 23 to a family of 7. 


Open Arms Food and Clothing

We support Open Arms by providing food and clothing for their ministry here in Gilbert, Arizona. Open Arms is a Christian ministry that provides food and clothing for families who need it in Gilbert.

Food and Supplies Backpacks

We provide several backpacks to school backpacks with school supplies and food backpacks for families who need them at a local elementary school in our area of the East Valley.

Outreach in the Nations

We provide monthly financial support for various missionaries and organizations who have ministries in foreign countries.