Recent Sermons

Sunday, January 24, 2021, Sunrise Online Service 


We have started a new sermon series entitled THE BOOK OF MARK: MARCHING WITH THE MASTER.  The Book of Mark is like a march with Jesus that highlights the His authority, miracles, works of kindness, the Cross, and the Resurrection.  He is revealed as the King of the Ages.  We start with his Baptism and end with the Resurrection.  

Today’s message is “How To Give A Demon Pain.”  The Scripture is Mark 1:21-28.  You will discover the authority of Jesus over the work of demons and Satan. You will always have the ultimate victory if you follow Jesus as a faithful disciple.  

Our new worship leader is Blake Ivancich. He and the worship band have music ready to present today that will lead you to worship Jesus!   Watch and worship Jesus with us!! 

SUNRISE CHURCH ONLINE GIVING – One thing that is an ongoing need for the church is the weekly giving by people who want to give to Jesus generously.   If you can, join me in making this a very generous offering today for ministry here at Sunrise in our community.  We also just fed a family of seven.  We don’t give out details of the people we feed, but the family received one week of food.  We give you this news just to let you know we love our community in the name of Jesus. 

You can give an offering here online. You can give your regular generosity offering, and if you can, also help us feed hungry families in our community.