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August 9, 2020 Sunrise Church Online Service

Order of Worship For Today’s Service on the video 

We will start meeting again as a church on Sunday, August 23, 2020 if we feel that all is well to do so.  

Today, Pastor Dan speaks from Colossians 3:1-11 on the subject “The Great Exchange.” The music team has prepared the Worship Warmup with some hymns and then we go right into the main service.

000 > Pre- Service Worship Warmup (We sing hymns)

Sermon > 8:08

New song “Graves Into Gardens” > 36:21

News For This Week:  


We just wanted to let you know the Food backpack ministry was a success.  Our outreach team gathered and delivered over $500 worth of food to the Gateway Pointe School.  Hungry kids will be fed on the weekends.  We had $600 pledged to buy backpacks.  They are ordered and will be delivered to the school.  Thanks to those who prayed, gave money, and delivered the food to the school.  We did this “all for Jesus.”


You can give a gift of generosity to help Sunrise Church lift people up in its community here.