Recent Sermons

This service is our entire 45 minute service from this morning, April 5. The scripture for the message was Psalm 91:5-13. The name of the sermon was How To Keep Your Cool When The World Is Is Heating Up. The emphasis of the sermon was that you don’t have to lose control in a world that is experiencing a meltdown in the midst of heated anger and consternation.  The sermon goes on to reveal that how you respond to shadows depends upon whom you are trusting.  If you trust in yourself, you will not keep your cool.  If you trust God, He will keep you cool in the middle of heated times.  The rest of the sermon discusses the promises of God in the passage that guarantee us stability.  Realizing these promises helps us to “keep our cool” in a world that is heating up.

Here is a Song From Yesterday’s Music

Travis Hathaway leads in the song “When Death Was Arrested.”