Recent Sermons

October 25, 2020 Sunrise Church Online Service


We are meeting as a “gathered” church today at 10:00 a.m. at the Coronado School.


Here is our Sunrise Online Service for this weekend.


With the oncoming challenges we face during this pandemic, it is a temptation to give up or sit still. Both of those options mean defeat for the Christian.

We are fighting an invisible war. It is Jesus against Satan, the culture, and our selfishness. We win by allowing Jesus to be #1 in our life.

Jesus likes to test our faithfulness. Today, Pastor Dan is speaking on the subject KEEPING CONSISTENT IN AN INCONSISTENT WORLD. Jesus gives us six tests to determine the level of our faith consistency. The first 3 are discussed today, and the last 3 will be discussed next week.

Worship Jesus with us today!!

SUNRISE CHURCH ONLINE GIVING – Today, we start a community outreach project entitled FEEDING FAMILIES FOR THANKSGIVING.  We are setting our goal of providing food for Thanksgiving and the weekend after for at least 10 families.  We need your help in doing this through praying, giving, and helping to gather the food.  Let’s do it together!!

You can give a gift of generosity to help Sunrise Church lift people up in its community here.