Sunrise Church Accomplished This Chapter Of Its Mission For Jesus

Sunrise Church of the East Valley is no longer meeting at Coronado Elementary School after 13 years of worship activity at that location.  After much discussion and prayer, the staff and members came to the conclusion that it was necessary to conclude this chapter of Sunrise Church’s mission for Jesus.

We decided that our last worship service at this location would be Sunday, October 17, 2021.  That was our 18th birthday.  This chapter included winning many people to faith in Jesus, ministering to needs in our community, building people up in the area of discipleship, providing a peaceful and accepting place to worship, and training people for future ministry.

So, we are not “closing the church.”  The church is the body of people who worship and serve Jesus.  We have concluded this chapter of our ministry.  We will be in separate locations of worship as we individually carry on the ministry of Jesus for us.

Sunrise attendees have asked Pastor Dan O’ Donnell to continue to provide an online service for Sunrise Church people and other people in the community.  He has agreed to do that and will also be pastoring members until they get settled in a new worship location.


We are now only meeting online. 

Our Sunday worship service is available at 5 pm on Saturdays.