What To Expect

It’s not easy visiting a new church for the first time. Many things go through your mind, “Can I find my way around? Where do I put my kids? Do I have to give? How should I dress? What’s the music like? Am I welcome if I don’t know what I believe?”


When you arrive at Sunrise Church meeting at the Coronado School, park in the west parking lot for our weekend service. Plenty of signs will lead you to the multipurpose room. You will be met by one of our friendly greeters who can assist you to the multipurpose center or help direct you to the children’s area. We have a good safety system in place to check your child in. We have just completed work on our rooms at the school for our children’s ministry. If your kids are shy, they can go with you to the worship service. Most kids enjoy our children’s programs. As you enter the auditorium, friendly greeters will point the way to the children’s ministry, the Sunrise Café coffee and snack table, and the worship area. You will also be given a pack of materials that will let you know about our church ministry.


We don’t judge people based on how they dress. Dress up or dress casually. We’re just glad you came!

Worship Service

Our service begins with spirited upbeat music followed by a welcome and time of greeting one another. You will then hear a dynamic message from God’s Word. We have screens to help you see the verses and sermon highlights. At offering time, remember you are our guests. You need not give anything, but we would like you to drop your communication card in the offering basket as it goes by. You will not be pressed to do anything while you are in the worship service. Maybe you brought a heavy heart to our worship service or have some special need you want us to pray about. At the very end of our service we have a special time of prayer where caring prayer partners pray for people’s needs. You may come at this time to have someone pray for

Communication Card

As you open your worship guide, you’ll notice a “communication slip” on the right side. We’d like to get acquainted with you and would appreciate if you filled that out. There’s also a space where you can share your prayer requests, comments and anything you need to share with us. You can drop it in the offering basket at the end of the service. The information you share with us is a priority with us and will not be released to anyone.

After Service

On your way out, if you have any questions about spiritual matters, we have a Next Steps Table that has information on how to accept Jesus and how to know Him. Someone will be there to give you that packet. After the service, you may pick up your kids from their classrooms, but you don’t have to run out yet. You can stop by the Sunrise Café Table and have a snack before you leave.

We look forward to seeing you when you attend with us this weekend!